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Sun, Apr. 3rd, 2005, 03:02 pm
juliesmagicmoon: Offer Me Constructive Suggestions on My Letter to The DNC.

I'm thinking of submitting letters to the editor for The Seattle Times, Seattle PI, The New York Times, The LA Times, The Washington Post, Mother Jones, Ms., Utne and maybe six or seven other nationally syndicated papers. Essentially, I'll be picking apart the hypocrisy of the Republican's posturing on life and morality issues, while at the same time addressing the Democrats for being spineless on the same by allowing Republicans and conservative owned press to define the nature of political discourse for the last 3 decades. It will need some work because I want to be clear and articulate, but short enough that it won't be cut and potentially lose meaning.

While talking with a friend about the idea, he offered some helpful suggestions, and even recommended that I send a longer letter to Howard Dean, which I will post here later. That one won't be quite as critical, but will have some genuine critiques and offer what I hope will be some constructive suggestions. I still resent Terry McAulif being the DNC chair; his vision of the Party was that agenda an platform would be developed in DC by the DNC and followed and implemented by the rest of the country's Party committees and members. It should always be the other way around, in my opinion. The best thing for the party was having McAulif resign, but it will take a long time to recover. We still aren't likely at this point to pick up any major gains in 2006, and by no means does it look positive for an Executive change in 2008, but Dean has his work cut-out for himself. I think he may do some interesting things, so I'm looking forward to working on this letter for the next couple of weeks. Does anyone have suggestions?

I may post both since I'm not sure either would ever reach the light of day once they leave my hand.

Ah, Lou Reed's Last Great American Whale just started playing. Is that rather apropos or what?

And I quote: "Well Americans don't care much for anything, land and water the least. An animal life is low on the totem pole, with human life not worth more than infected yeast.

Americans don't care too much for beauty. They'll shit in a river and dump battery acid in a stream. They'll watch dead rats wash up on the beach and complain if they can't swim. They say things are done for the majority, but don't believe half of what you see and none of what you hear. It's like what my painter friend Donald said to me, "stick a fork in their ass and turn 'em over, they're done."